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Anunnaki and Nibiru - The Return
2012 - What's the hype?
Part 3

A PUFOIN Commentary
By John Jaeger

For some time now, people have been fascinated by the Mayan Calendar and prophecies which predict some big event on Dec. 21, 2012 at 11:11.  This has fueled an internet of speculation including new and old web sites predicting the end of the world.  When we truly investigate the Maya and their long calendar, we see that this isn't the end of the world at all.  It is the end of a galactic year.  What is a galactic year?  That is simply the time it takes our solar system to rotate around the galactic core and align with the center.  That time frame is about 25,000 Earth years.

So, why all of the hype about this end-time?  Well, for one it is approaching rather quickly so it is only natural that more and more people looking for enlightenment will research the subject.  There is no doubt that our Mayan ancestors were well ahead of their time in astrophysics.  Any race of ancient beings capable of figuring out the stars and the length of time until the next galactic year has to be pretty forward thinking.  Remember, this was a thousand years and more, ago.  We can predict these things today with our modern equipment but in the time of the Maya, there were no computers to calculate the movement of the stars (as we know them anyway).

So one must ask again, why all the hype?  The Maya ruins speak of an end of time.  An awakening.  An ascension.  A new density.  The end of the 4th density.  Many have interpreted these things to mean something ominous and spread frightening scenarios.  The truth is that we can't know exactly what will happen during this galactic new year but we can look to the past for some comfort.

There is no doubt that we are directly connected to the stars.  We are made of star-stuff.  The planets and stars are our distant relatives and thusly we are impacted by galactic events.  From a spiritual position, the Maya spoke of the ascension into a new density.  Their records suggest that those who have been enlightened will ascend into this new reality while those who haven't will be left behind.  Left behind?  What exactly does that mean?  Well, it simply means that the spiritual essence will remain in this density rather than moving into the next.  There will be another 25000 or so years before the spirit will be able to ascend into the next density.  Is any of this true?  I'd venture to say that we'll all find out in 2012.  What exactly is a density?  The best way to explain it is to consider an apartment house with many floors.  Each density means moving your home to the next floor up and living there for many years.  Right now, the Mayan's suggest that we're on the 4th floor and many of us are getting packing up so that we can move to the 5th floor.  I hear the view is better there anyway!

So, why all of this hype about the end times?  Misinformation about the ruins and the Mayan calendar have found their way across the internet and into the homes of millions.  December 21, 2012 will not be the "end".  In fact, many would suggest that it is a beginning.  At the very least we can sit in comfort knowing that we'll be celebrating a new galactic year.  Make sure you get your party favors out!

Researching the work of John and Daniel in the Bible helps to add confusion to the end-time scenario's.  Evangelists are preaching about the Armageddon or the Apocalypse and that the end is near.  Certainly, many of the predictions within the Book of the Apocalypse (Revelations) appear to be coming to pass.  So, what exactly does this mean and how does it relate to the Maya prophecies?

As the Solar System moves closer and closer to the galactic new year, we are impacted with additional stresses; be it stellar radiation or gravitational forces.  This is manifested in our Sun through increased solar activity and sun spots.  The impact on our sun has a direct reflection on the forces pressing against our planet.  We are seeing an increase in unusual climate and planetary activity.  The increase in earthquakes and volcanic activity is evident.  We are in for some major planetary changes which many of our political leaders are trying to mask in the "greenhouse effects" of global warming.  While this certainly plays a role in the melting of ice caps and other weather changes, it isn't the primary reason for these changes.

Our planet is cyclical and the events we're experiencing have happened many times over.  We've just not been around long enough to have a written record of events.  It is believed that the Great Flood of Noah was actually a natural event of one of these warming phases.  The melting of the polar ice caps raised the sea level for a year, covering the majority of the planet in liquid. 

There is also discussion about the return of a planet with a 3600 year orbit around our Sun.  Many refer to this planet as Nibiru (Planet of the Crossing).  It is suggested that the orbit of Nibiru will bring it into our system via the southern hemisphere.  Many will debate the logistics of a planet on a 3600 year orbit however it is interesting to note that many of the offline telescopes in the southern hemisphere have been reactivated, including the Vatican's Observatory!  What exactly is happening in the southern hemisphere that would warrant the reactivation of so many Observatories?  Without a doubt, something is happening.  I'd say that it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put the pieces together to form a picture.

The Nibiru equation would also add an element to the Earth weather patterns and planetary disturbances.  The passing of an object the size of Neptune within our Solar System would play havoc on our planet.  Just the gravitational pull would be enough to cause moving of the crust and an increase in volcanic activity.  In fact, exactly what we're currently experiencing!

The Bible speaks about the return of Jesus to defeat the Anti-Christ and reign on earth for 1000 years.  One must stand in awe at the accuracy of the Bible as historical record and as it turns out, prophetic record.  The Bible accurately predicted the European Union and the United States.  It accurately predicted the return of the Jews to Israel.  The events of the Bible are unfolding exactly as written.  So, what next?  Is Jesus returning?

Our faith-based planetary population is resistant to ideas, which do not conform to their individual idealism.  We have many religions around our planet.  Some are simply an out-stretch of Christianity while others are totally unique.  Obviously, they can't all be right if they are telling a different story.

To resolve this issue, we must investigate.  Looking at Pagan mythology, we have an insight into the origins of our current religions.  It may seem like blasphemy to consider that our religions are based on Pagan beliefs but ultimately, they are.  There are many contradictions between the religions, which can not be reconciled through faith.  For example, the Old Testament speaks about God's chosen people being the Israelites.  There is evidence all through the Bible's Old Testament of God's allegiance to His people.  Yet, if you read the New Testament, the Israelites are no longer in God's favor.  Only those who follow the path of Christianity will be "saved" and find a place in Heaven.  Well, we have a paradox on our hands.  Did God change?  Did he suddenly give up on the Israelites?  What happens to the souls of the Jews when they die?  Are they stricken down and forced to spend eternity in Hell?  What about those of other belief systems?  We never really hear anything about them in the Bible.  We're just told to honor no other God before Him.  Why?  What other God?  There are others?  Why wasn't I told about this?!?

Actually, history and myth are filled with other gods.  One must simply look at the Native American's or the Monks of Tibet or at the Egyptians.  Believe it or not, these beliefs are in line with the Pagan Religions.  The Pagan Religions had many gods.  Why would a religion form long before that of the Bible specifically, which had multiple deities?  The answer to that can be found in ancient tablets from Sumer (ancient Iraq).  The tablets are available for anyone to see in the British or German Museums and others around the world.  These tablets have been translated by several linguists and historians.  The stories on these tablets are the foundation for the Pagan Religions.

In a nutshell, they tell us of ancient gods who came from the sky.  These ancient gods created man to serve them.  This is why the Bible speaks about creating man in "our" likeness.  Many have tried to write that off as meaning something other than "our".  In Christianity there is the "Trinity", God the Father; God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  It must be that Trinity of God that the author of the Bible is speaking about, right?  Nope!  The author used "our" because there were many gods.  They were a race of aliens who are said to live on or near Nibiru and that the Nibiru system crosses our solar system every 3600 years or so. 

If you've read my previous PUFOIN Perspectives, you'll know that these aliens are called by the ancient Sumerian's, the "Anunnaki".  What will happen now?  Am I suggesting that everything you've been taught in your religion is wrong?  Well, not exactly.  It isn't wrong - merely misplaced.  Many of the roots for the myths in the various religions is based in reality.  Many argue that it can't be this way because "God" said this or that in the Bible.  "Look, the scriptures say...".  Well, if one uses the very tool that is in question in order to support his position, the answer can never be understood.  We can't look to the scripture for proof.  The scriptures are the cause for this debate.  The scriptures focus on a single God concept; albeit with multiple personalities.

People have argued that God said to honor no other god before me.  I suppose this is the end all to be all for those who follow the Bible.  We must try to understand why this would have come about.  Certainly, God was referring to the Pagans with their many gods.  There is no doubt that all of the gods wanted this prestigious rank of being "the" god.  We must related to these things with modern terms.  The best way for me to convey this message is to suggest that we consider political systems.  In many wars, territory is gained and lost.  When a territory is lost to the opponent, those within that territory are suddenly under the rule of the victor.  Those in that land must change their allegiances or risk imprisonment or death.  Suddenly, the message being sent is that they are to forget who they supported before and now support the new government.  This was no different among the "gods".  They all had their cities, which is evident by the numerous Idols of ancient Egypt.  If a city was overrun by the armies of one god, those of the overrun city had to pledge their allegiance to the victor god.  This explains the "we" and "our" as it relates to the gods of the Bible as well as explaining the sudden change from multiple gods to one single God.

One must consider the nature of God in the Old Testament vs. the nature of God in the New Testament.  I've said before that God in the Old Testament was a bit rough around the edges.  He struck people down and ruled with an iron fist.  The God of the New Testament was benevolent and friendly.  He ruled with love and mercy.  Heck, it is suggested that he even gave his own Son to help rid the world of sin and allow for redemption.  What exactly does this mean?  Was the story of Jesus real?  Why the sudden switch in nature of God from being an intolerable parent to suddenly being very tolerant?  The answer is that the stories are referring to different "gods".  The God of the Old Testament is "Enlil".  He was the leader of the Earth based Anunnaki colony who ruled over the worker Anunnaki who mined the planet for its minerals.  The God of the New Testament was Enki.  He was the god who against Enlil's orders, went to the Council of the Anunnaki and petitioned them to let him create beings to take over the work load of the worker Anunnaki who were complaining about working conditions.  The two were brothers who were opposed to each others opinions.  The Council approved Enki's request and Enki (a scientist) fashioned homo sapiens by mixing the Anunnaki DNA with homo erectus.  This story of creation is clearly explained in the Sumerian Tablets.  The story of the Garden of E.din is also explained.  The bottom line is that Enlil didn't like the idea of humans being able to copulate.  Humans soon filled the earth with billions of people and growing.  Enki had gone against his brothers wishes and engineered humans to reproduce in order to facilitate the need for fresh workers.  Enlil wanted a handful of workers that he could command over and maintain order within.  Obviously, with Enki's assistance, this went beyond Enlil's wishes.

The story of the Great Flood is explained away as a decision of God to rid the planet of all life.  Then, in a moment of compassion, God let Noah and his family survive.  Actually, the flood was simply a design of climate.  The scientists of the Anunnaki were able to predict the melting as we can today.  They were able to estimate the outcome and Enlil intended to use this to wipe out human life and restore the order he once had.  Enki's own son, whom we call Noah today, was given instructions to build an ark to save his family and animals.  Enki didn't want his son to die and through methods which we would consider "walking a thin line", he was able to provide his son this warning.  Thus, the events of Noah are true and an historical event.

So, what happened next?  Okay, we've established that 2012 isn't the end of the world and life.  We've established that religion is false.  We've identified that there are aliens and UFO's.  So what next?  Well, one of the next things we'll need to give serious consideration to is the return of Nibiru.  If the Governments are focusing attention on our southern hemisphere and they are expecting some passage of some planet as I've suggested, then it is a likely conclusion that we should expect these advanced beings to return to Earth.

The Book of the Apocalypse suggests that Jesus will reign on Earth for 1000 years of peace and that many will be "taken up" or "rapture" before this event.  What is this taking up or rapture?  Is this a good thing?  Well, that in itself may refer to several possible events.  If the events written of in Mayan folklore predict that our 2012 ascension is actually literal and that we'll be physically re-manifested into a new density, that would certainly be one possible explanation.  Yet it wouldn't explain how those who are taken up are then able to return as the armies of God.  That leads me to believe that it will be these aliens who will collecting the people; perhaps in ways not to dissimilar to the beaming technology of Star Trek.  What exactly will happen to these people which would turn them against the people of Earth and fight for the aliens must be something paramount to mass brainwashing I'd think.

I've often wondered about the "mark of the beast" and how that would manifest itself.  While it is predicted to be a mark on the head or hand, it make sense that it is the "tagging" of people.  There has been talk in the tech magazines about biometric implants that will contain our personal records or allow us to make purchases in a way that can't be stolen, etc.  A chip under the skin.  Could this be used as a tool to track us by these aliens?  Could our Government be working with these or other aliens?  Could more than one alien race be working within our midst?  Perhaps one trying to help us and one trying to enslave us?

Yes, it all seems so sci-fi.  Why should any of this be a concern to the average Joe?  Well, based on the number of people who have a very strong belief in their religious system, it makes sense that these folks believe in the Apocalypse as it is portrayed in the Bible.  The Bible has been a relatively accurate source of historical information even if its timeline as we perceive it is a bit off.  So, if those things are true, then we should expect something extraordinary to happen during the lifetime of the thirty-something generation on earth today.  It is my belief, based on a good deal of research that we'll be faced with a reality of science fiction proportions.  What are the events?

1.  Enforcement of biometric commerce through the distribution of special ID cards or implants.  To buy or sell, you'd have to have this technology.

2.  Identification of this mysterious planet, Nibiru in the Southern Hemisphere, just as predicted.

3.  The thinning of our population through abduction (rapture) of those with the biometric implants/cards

4.  The return of Christ (an Anunnaki) bringing an army of brainwashed human soldiers to do his bidding.

5.  The establishment of Anunnaki rule with humans as their subjects, just like in Sumerian times (the 1000 year peace).

Why the 1000 year peace?  Why a time limit?  The more I look into this the more I believe that this is the length of time that the Anunnaki can remain on Earth and still transit between Nibiru during its travels.  That would mean that of the 3600 year Shar of Nibiru (a Shar being the orbit of Nibiru - something like our year), 2600 years the Anunnaki are not able to access our planet so their colonies would be without the aid of their superior technology.  During this time, they'd be victim to Human uprising and not have the means to fight off the Humans. 

If we look at this 2600 year cycle and use 2012 as a template (although Z. Sitchin has suggested that the date is closer to 2050) and subtract 2600 years that would suggest that the Anunnaki were forced to abandon Earth around 588bce.  If their rule allows them to be here for 1000 years at a stretch, that would mean that they had influence on our planet from 1588bce.  It would then have been another 2600 years before that when they would have been forced off the planet again: 4188bce.  Again, another 1000 years here and that would be 5188bce.  Subtract another 2600 years and we have 7788bce with another 1000 years for 8788bce.  The list goes on and on and we can see that the influence of the Anunnaki can be traced back.  Look at the dates of the Pyramids and other great monuments.   They are older than we once anticipated, meaning that they couldn't have been made specifically by the Egyptians. 

Whether the return of the Anunnaki be 2012 or 2050, the facts remain the same.  If we truly wish to utilize all of the resources available to use to understand what one man had no idea how to accurate depict after his dream (Daniel), we must explore the ancient beliefs and historical tablets.  We can not simply accept the Bible at face value.  There is a lot within the Bible to help us but we're doomed to repeat our past if we do not learn to understand the warnings within our history.

I've been under the impression for some time now that benevolent beings are helping advance our technology.  It seems silly to consider that for eons we'd have minimal growth in technology and then in 50 years we'd suddenly take leaps and bounds.  Yes, it is possible.  With understanding and advancement comes more rapid understanding and more rapid advancement.  But why now?  Why not in 1750?  Why did we only begin these advancements when we started to discover crashed alien technology (which of course the Government denies at all costs)?  We can actually point to when all of this advancement began and it correlates specifically with the rumored recovery of alien technology in the late 1940's.  Since then we've come from having computers for the 1960 moon landings that had no more computing power than a calculator of today to our current PDA's; laptops; etc., encompassing the power of gigabytes of processing ability.

Another logical extrapolation from this technology boom is that these crashed alien crafts would have alien occupants - some of whom would have survived the crash.  Could these beings be helping us?

Here is some food for thought.  What "if" these aliens aren't aliens at all?  What if they are "us" from thousands of years from now?  What if they have realized that we can not defeat the Anunnaki at their own game simply because of their technology so they have utilized time travel in order to help change their past and defeat the Anunnaki?  What if it is these very beings who went to Daniel and gave him these visions of the Apocalypse to help prepare humanity for a great battle?  What if this is their way of intervention and thus protecting our planet - our species from enslavement for 1000 years, ever 3600 years?  What if....

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