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Anunnaki & Nibiru
The Return
-Part 2-

A PUFOIN Commentary
By John Jaeger

The debate whether there is a "real" planet named Nibiru or Planet X will continue until that equation can be satisfactorily resolved through the finding of such a planet.  It stands within reason that at some point in our history there was such a planet.  The discovery of the Sumerian Tablets and other Sumerian artifacts support this finding.  The remains of the ancient Egyptian settlements and kingdom's also support this theory.  Therefore, if we are to assume that Nibiru does exist, we can then entertain certain consequences brought about based on this reality.

One of the first questions, which is often presented during discussion is, "wouldn't the Anunnaki be so far advanced beyond us that our own advancements would mean little?"

This is an excellent question and one that can also be explained away with relative ease.  In short, the answer is no.  Their technology doesn't have to be so superior to our current level of advancement.  Without a doubt it is advanced but not necessarily far ahead.  The easiest analogy would be that of a person taking a vacation from work but staying at home.  It should be said in advance that there are always exceptions to the rule but in this case we'll focus on the majority rather than the minority. 

It can be said that most individuals who take a vacation from work and stay home for their holiday will put together a plan for their week.  They'll have daily goals for achieving some success on certain tasks, which they've put off simply due to a lack of time.  Their intentions are most sincere and the first day of their vacation they wake up late feeling very rested and a bit lazy.  They sit in front of the T.V. or some other distraction and get drawn into whatever they are doing.  Before they know it, the better part of the first day is gone and their objective for the day hasn't been met.  Typically, the vacationer decides they'll accomplish the missed task tomorrow along with the other tasks of the day.  The next morning, the vacationer awakens late yet again having stayed up late.  Once again, the intention is sincere to accomplish the list of tasks.  One thing leads to another and another full day has gone by with the tasks not being completed.  This scenario happens for another few days.  Finally, it is the last day.  The vacationer, realizing that he hasn't gotten any of his tasks done all week has a tough night sleeping and wakes early.  He rushes around trying to fulfill a weeks worth of tasks in one day.  Most he accomplishes but some simply get relegated to being completed during his "free time" during his busy work week.

It is probably fair to say that this has happened to everyone at some point in their working career.  It is that old "time management" issue.  The idea of the "big stone vs. the pebbles" (big stones being high priority items and the pebbles being the less important tasks).  We tend to fill our day with attacking the pebbles and often accomplish a lot of the pebble tasks but we still haven't addressed the big stone priority items and thus, haven't made that much of an impact when all is said and done.

This is also what would happen in theory, with a race of beings who lived for a thousand years or more.  What's the rush?  Why would they need to push hard to develop their technology?  What they have, works for them and they get along just fine.  Their planetary cycle doesn't take them close to any other worlds for roughly 3600 years so they have lots of time to prepare for their next assignment.

It is for this reason that it is plausible that the technological advancements of the Anunnaki may not be much further along than the last time they visited our planet.  During this time however, humans have advanced.  Our life span is at least 1/10th if not 1/20th or greater than their own.  We are motivated to the same level as the Anunnaki but we have a short time to achieve our goals thus the perception of advancement would be accelerated to the bystander.

We must consider that the Anunnaki's level of advancement was already more advanced than our own level of modern days, 3600+ years ago.  Therefore it would be reasonable to expect that a return of the Anunnaki would mean that they'd still have advanced technology and would still be a "threat" to humans if they so desired.

Since the turn of the 19th/20th century, the advancement of the human technology has been in leaps and bounds over the centuries before.  We can certainly look back to Plato and his descriptions of Atlantis or to the Egyptian times and suggest that at some point we had superior technology and we'd be right.  The problem is that this technology was not human - it was someone else's.  For the first time in our existence we can say that our advancement is human based, or can we?

We really need to look at where we were at the turn of the 19th century into the 20th century.  We had no automobiles.  We had no airplanes.  We had no indoor plumbing and bathrooms for the most part.  In 60 years time, we went from living off the land to going to the moon!  What caused that "leap" in our advancement?  Sure, we were getting there.  Flight was brought about by the Wright Brothers and others back in the early 1900's.  But to go from a bicycled powered air craft to rockets in only 50 years seems a bit tilted to the left.

The idea of UFO's has continued to be a part of the mainstream.  We can look at paintings from long ago, which depict disk-shaped objects.  We can look to hieroglyphics and see wing-shaped objects; the chariots of the gods.  The idea of visitation has been in our face forever.  We are just lead to disbelieve what is obvious and natural.  The idea of an alien influence within our level of technology has to be given serious merit.  It would certainly explain the rapid advancement we've been experiencing.  It is plausible to say that based on history and experience that our technological levels are quite a bit more advanced than the public is aware of.

I touched upon the idea of our missing space probes and the sudden trouble our other probes have at very crucial celestial events.  Certainly it could be considered a conspiracy theory and disregarded as such that the Government's don't want us to see something so they claim that their telemetry or technology wasn't working.  But think about it.  If you were in a position of authority and very few could access what you had and you didn't want certain information to get out, what would be the easiest way to prevent it from getting out?  You'd just say it wasn't working.  Then you'd continue to retrieve your data and go about your business.  Just because we lose contact with a space probe doesn't mean it has stopped collecting data.  That is something we must remember.  Once we've recovered contact, the data would simply be downloaded.  Take for example the ESA's probe sent to Titan.  One of the communication channels was turned off so the data wasn't received here but the signals were still sent from the probe so they are trying to see if they can recover this data through other means.  That alone has proven my point that the information is still out there - unless the probe itself stops working.  We've been told that story too many times.  So, conspiracy theory or not, it makes perfect sense to believe that information is being withheld under the guise of National Security.  And, for all we know, it may be exactly that.

The idea of alien intervention in our society continues to be apparent.  A previous PUFOIN Perspective suggested that benevolent alien beings were working with us to produce technology which will help prepare us for defending ourselves against a return of the Anunnaki (our creators).  Obviously this assessment suggests that the Anunnaki are planning on coming back "as" our gods and again wish to have rule over us as their subjects.  Our history is the best evidence of such a scenario and certainly something we must consider. 

The Bible is without a doubt a re-documenting of history written about on the Sumerian tablets.  The Old Testament clearly shares its roots with the people of Sumer.  The Pagan beliefs also share a history with the people of Sumer and help define the role of the Anunnaki as our gods.  The Bible tells of the Nephilim (Nefilim).  It is often mistranslated as "fallen angels" but actually means "coming down from above".  The term Anunnaki also has a similar meaning (from Heaven to Earth, etc.).  These are referring to the very same beings.  Those who interpret the Bible today desire that Nefilim refer to the devil and the other angels who were cast out of Heaven.  Even if we accept this reference, it has a very negative tone to it.  The idea of these Nefilim returning should be a concern to the humans of Earth because they are either the spiritual beings of evil looking to steal our souls or they are the creators of man looking to re-establish their rule.

The story of the great flood (Noah and the Ark) is explained in the Sumerian tablets as being the result of polar ice cap melting.  The Anunnaki scientists predicted the outcome and knew that the land would be covered with water.  The leader of the Earth-based Anunnaki (Enlil) wanted to remove humans from the planet and thus the tablets tell us he told his people to relocate to the tops of the mountains.  This would explain why we've discovered settlements up high in the mountains of the Middle East.  One of the scientists who'd created man had mated with a human woman and they had a child together.  He didn't want his child to die and so the tablets tell us that he shared the scientific information with his son.  He was told not to speak directly to his son, so he spoke to his tent and within was his son.  He told him to build a boat and gave him the specifications.  He told him what to put on the boat, etc.  We all know the story of Noah and other than the twist being that it was the son of a god, the story is relatively the same.  Approximately 100 years passed and the Ark was finished and the rising waters lifted it off the land.  For a year, the boat drifted on the water until it came to rest on land allowing Noah and his family to again begin their life.  Enlil wanted to see the removal of humans from the planet.  His intention was never to have beings with self-awareness and knowledge.  He simply wanted workers who'd take the place of the Anunnaki miners.  With knowledge comes awareness of conditions and treatment and thus rebellion.  The Earth once again became crowded with humans.  The Nefilim were being hunted and killed and the decision to leave was made.  The Anunnaki had already taught many humans of the ways of war because of the infighting of the gods.  Humans were once again a serious threat due to their numbers.  The Anunnaki left Earth and returned to Nibiru.  Some remained behind and continued to have children who were bigger and stronger than the average human.  Those Anunnaki still desired to rule over the humans and were thus killed over time.

We can extrapolate from this Biblical history that the Anunnaki, for whatever reason, didn't have the technology available to eliminate humans from the Earth.  They had to rely upon natural events and when no natural events could be predicted, they were forced off the planet.  It would also make sense that when they are within range to return, they aren't going to be too pleased.  If the Anunnaki live thousands of years, it would be possible that the very same who escaped Earth might still live today.  It also wouldn't be too far fetched to consider that they'd be a little bit upset with humans for having forced them off Earth.

The fact that Nibiru will be close enough for the Anunnaki to transfer over to their outposts via ships, it can be extrapolated that they will also have at their disposal the means to mass a large assault on our planet to retake their mineral rich world and again begin enslaving humans to mine their minerals.  They look at us no differently than we do an animal who was used to plow the fields.

Thus, it is conceivable that other aliens, benevolent in nature are helping to advance our level of military technology in order to present a formidable defense.  It is rare that anyone does something for nothing so it would also make sense that we've entered into some form of agreement with these aliens in exchange for the technology.  Could this explain the human abductions and mutilations?  Perhaps, without our realizing we are being manipulated into fighting a war for aliens who are pretending to be benevolent but who themselves have ulterior motives for our planet?

Again, this all wages in the realm of science fiction but what we do know is that we were created by an alien race in their likeness.  We will meet our gods again and when we do it has been foretold that there will be a great battle for our very existence (Book of Revelations).  Whether it'll be the Anunnaki who are our saviors or our doom, only time will tell.  This is presented as food for thought...

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